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HSC English

HSC English is the most important subject you undertake because it is mandatory. In order to perform well, you must study and learn to use language in various textual forms (written, spoken and visual) with different degrees of complexity. 

We provide tailored tuition to teach you to use and study language in order to demonstrate how meaning is conveyed, interpreted and reflected. This means that you will be given specific guidance, instruction and material directly to the texts you study in school.

Students often come to us not knowing how to write an essay or where to begin. We provide simple, yet effective methodology to teach you to structure essays, respond to questions and write creatively. Most of our students achieve Band 6 and Band 5 results in Standard, Advanced and Extension 1 English.

We provide mock exams and resources specific to the modules and texts you are studying. Some of the things we cover in class include:

• Area of Study : Discovery Comprehension tasks

• Area of Study : Discovery Creative Writing Activities

• Area of Study: Discovery Essay practise

• Module A, B and C essay and other textual form practise

We have many time slots available across our 4 English tutors. Contact us to find a time suitable for you.

We also offer online tuition via our affiliated online company Please click on the attached link for further information.

English (Extension)

English (Extension) is for students seeking a more intensive learning into the English language and its literary works. Most students have commented that they enjoy English (Extension) more  than Advanced English as there are less texts to study and they are comfortable with the pace set for the year.

We cover all three modules for English (Extension), including:

- Module A: Genre

- Module B: Texts and Ways of Thinking, and

- Module C: Language and Values

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Area of Study: Discovery Practise Papers

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MarkmyEssay online HSC English Specialist
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