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I had Danny recently as a long term student, and I have to say he is one helpful tutor. He gave a unique sight during his lessons, as well as various pointers in both assignments and exams and what the markers are looking for in student responses. He is also patient and accommodating when going my past exams as well as may other ones that he has as well. Overall, I would recommend him and if I had to do it again, I would have started earlier with him. Just a note: I recommend you come prepared with questions as this would enhance your learning experience even further.

Dermott F.

Maths 2U/3U and Physics

We were struggling to find a tutor that suited my daughters needs, as there were certain areas where she needed extra time spent on what she was struggling to understand, so a group environment was just not working for her. Danny graciously made a spot for her to be able to focus on the areas that she needed the extra time with. By the time her first exam came around the improvement was evident. We are very grateful that we found Danny as a tutor and would highly recommend him.

Annette Johnston


Ana is a great English tutor, she was able to help me construct proper essays for the HSC. She spends a lot of time correcting essays, pointing weaknesses and we went through many drafts throughout the year. I found Ana to be knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend her to anyone, she helped me get into the top 3 in my class!

Victoria C.

English Advanced, English Extension 1

One of the best tutors around. Danny was very knowledgeable and was able to explain the syllabus clearly and concisely for me to prepare for the HSC. He was very well prepared with many resources at his disposal. I would right recommend him as a tutor.

Naimur R

Engineering Studies

Danny is extremely well prepared for each lesson and is able to simplify difficult or bulky concepts. He's also very approachable and extensive in his knowledge of the subject and I was never afraid to ask for help understanding or going over specific areas. Overall, great guy and great tutor who gave me the motivation I needed to study during the upcoming weeks of the HSC.

Tom R


Danny provided our engineering class with the mind of an engineer. This was significant in that it allowed us to learn how to think like an engineer in the real world. This is more important than rote learning content as it helps us answer questions well in exams and assignments.

Ivan L.

Engineering Studies

Excellent tutor! Has many great resources.. dedicates great time and effort to ensuring essays and work are up to scratch. Highly recommended !

Diana H.

English Advanced

Highly recommend lessons with Danny and Ana, they have helped me so much!!! They love what they do and it shows!


English, Mathematics, Physics

My child loved tutoring and was able to achieve significant improvements in her confidence which led to better results in Maths and English. She always looked forward to her lessons. Thank you!

Irene Stathakis

Primary Year 4 (English & Maths)

Great tutor . Great resources e.g text books and past papers for all subjects. Definitely recommend Danny to others starting year 12 in 2016.


HSC and Preliminary 2/3 Unit Maths and Physics

Danny is an excellent tutor. He is extremely knowledgeable and I highly recommend him for any Engineering student looking to improve their results in this subject. (Currently studying Aviation)

Daniel D

Engineering Studies

Extremely helpful, went through hard concepts in depth and gave a great analysis of them. I learnt heaps and helped me achieve the results I wanted!!

Jonathan Doueihi

HSC and Preliminary Physics and 2 Unit Advanced Maths

Danny is an excellent tutor, he thoroughly knows all the content and the knowledge he brings to the table from working as an engineer provides invaluable real world examples and insights which are necessary to fully grasp the core concepts of the course. He always found the time to help me out of class with assignment work and in general he was just a great person to talk to.

Rashiq Zaman

HSC and Preliminary Engineering Studies and 2 Unit Advanced Maths

Excellent tutor, made each lesson interesting and helped me to achieve my highest results in the course.

James Mazevski

HSC and Preliminary Engineering Studies and Physics

Danny is a great tutor! He explains concepts clearly and concisely and gives excellent guidance for approaching written answer questions. He is helpful, well-prepared, approachable and enthusiastic. I would very highly recommend him as a tutor.

John A

HSC and Preliminary Engineering Studies and Physics

I found Danny highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic to achieve the best results. With his expert tuition I achieved an HD grade for a challenging Structural Engineering subject . Not only was Danny flexible with his session times but he also made himself available with little notice in order to accommodate our sessions. I thank Danny for all his assistance with this subject and will definitely seek his advice for any engineering subjects in the future. Regards, Dave.

David Martin

HSC Engineering Studies, Physics and Mathematics

Excellent tutor. Well prepared and high knowledge content of subject. Excellent presentation and teaching technique. Highest recommendation from student and student's parents.

Max Anicic

HSC Physics

Very friendly, & easy to deal with, also a very intelligent man, with a broad knowledge base

Nick Selby

HSC Physics and Engineering Studies

Very knowledgeable and his personality makes his lessons entertaining as well as helpful.

Matthew Peterie

HSC Physics, Engineering Studies and Maths

We found Danny to be a very professional tutor. He really helped with preparation for the HSC and he was able to communicate with us in a clear and direct manner. We highly recommend him. UpGrade Tutoring

UpGrade Tutoring

HSC Physics, Engineering Studies and Maths

It was a very productive day I received a lot of information on improving my creative. I also received
essay help on structure and also techniques to add to my already written essays. – Liam S

Liam S

English & Maths

Today's experience with DNA Education in preparation for the upcoming trials was exceptional as I
got immediate feedback for my work and was thoroughly critiques on my mistakes that could be
fixed. – Edward L

Ed L

HSC English Seminar

I like having the HSC study days as it enables for an extra chance to go over what needs to be
revised. Tutors are always welcoming and want to help in all possible ways. – Soriya F

Sorija F

HSC English & Maths Workshop

A lovely bunch of staff with tutors who help out when not understanding things in the subject. HSC
English and Math

Iana A

HSC MAths & English

The tutors are committed to aiding the students with every aspect of their education. The group
classes provide each student with the opportunity to learn from their peers and bounce their ideas
off other individuals. – Anonymous


HSC Maths & English

Scintillating, I feel an overwhelming sense of belonging when I walk into DNA, it's like a second
home. The abundance of knowledge I have gained is mind blowing. – Josh S

Josh S

HSC Maths & English

My experience with DNA education has been very good over the period of time I have been here and
I have also been provided with good study material to use in my education to achieve the highest
scores. – Liam S

Liam S

HSC English & Maths

Really friendly and welcoming, also able to teach effectively. Feel comfortable attending. – Isabella

Issabella A

HSC Biology

As a keen and eager student in the midst of Yr 12, this tutoring centre DNA Educations has provided
me with the various kits and tools to feel prepared for my upcoming exams. – Edward L

Edward L

HSCEnglish & Maths

Pleasant, all tutors are nice and welcoming and are easy to communicate with. All tutors understand
the syllabus and relay it really well to students in an easy and clear way. – Brae C

Brae C

Legal Studies & Business

Very helpful with the constant guidance and enthusiasm of the teachers. My tutor constantly pushes me to achieve my best even though I think I’m not capable of achieving more. The tutoring centre is an easy learning environment with a great atmosphere. – Claudia A

Claudia A

HSC English

The wealth of resource and past papers is brilliant, both teachers go through all work really well. –
Ryan P

Ryan P

HSC General Maths

Very Helpful and understanding of student needs with many past papers handed out. Tutors go over
questions thoroughly and in detail to benefit students. – Anthony G

Anthony G

Maths & English

Time well spent, good atmosphere and environment, good resources. – Zachary D

Zachery D

HSC English & Economics

Engaging, comfortable environment, friendly and handouts and content is great. 

George D

Maths & English

DNA Education has improved my English Skills incredibly. As a result, I have excelled in my writing
abilities which will help for the HSC. – Gabriella M

Gabby M


The experience has been very helpful in my education. I have experienced an improvement in results
since I came here. The service is friendly and very engaging, positive atmosphere. – Peter H

Peter H

HSC English

My experience with DNA Education has been extremely great. The interaction with the tutors
themselves allows me to receive the feedback that I need to improve my work. I have greatly
improved my marks since coming to DNA Education. – Justin J

Justin J

Maths, English & Senior Science

I really enjoy the constant revision and verbal sharing of information for senior science. My marks
have gone up at the beginning of Year 12 and have stayed constant with a high rank. This service has
helped greatly in my weakest subject. – Emily W

Emily W

HSC Senior Science

Collectively my experience with DNA Education has been beyond anything I expected. The service
and amount of extra time and efforts provided by al tutors has been outstanding. The turnover time
when handing in essays for feedback is excellent and exceeds expectations. – Sebastian R

Seb R

Physics, Maths, English

The communication was great throughout the time I spent with DNA, positive attitude for
improvement and good preparation for exams with past papers. – Kacey M

Kacey M

HSC Physics and Maths

The small size of classes allows for a more personal experience where each student is able to receive
more attention. The close knit classes allow for an ease of communication and makes understanding
content simpler. Daniel T

Daniel T

HSC Physics

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​We have tutored students around the and sutherland shires including from Ramsgate, Rockdale, Sans Souci, Hurstville, Wolli Creek, Alfords Point, Caringbah, Cronulla, Gymea Illawong, Kareela, Kirrawee, Menai, Miranda, Oyster Bay, Sutherland, Sylvania, Sylvania Waters, Taren Point, Woolooware, Woronora, Yowie Bay, Allawah, Arncliffe, Banksia, Bardwell Park, Bexley, Beverly Hills, Blakehurst, Brighton-Le-Sands, Carlton, Carss Park, Connells Point, Dolls Point, Hurstville, Kingsgrove, Kogarah, Kyle Bay, Lugarno, Monteray, Tempe.

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