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HSC Biology

If the human body and evolution fascinate you, then Biology is the subject for you. Delving into what enables us to survive ("survival of the fittest") and how species compete for resources, Biology will teach you all about life.


HSC Biology is one of the most popular subjects sat by HSC students every year. The workload is reasonably large and concepts can, at times, be difficult to understand.

We provide complete syllabus notes, mock exams, practise questions, practical and interactive activities that relate to theoretical concepts from the course. This enables students to apply investigative and problem-solving skills in order to effectively communicate biological information and understanding to the study of biology.

Topics covered include:

• A Local Ecosystem

• Patterns in Nature

• Life on Earth

• Evolution of Australian Biota


• Maintaining a Balance

• Blueprint of Life

• The Search for Better Health


we also cover the option chosen by the student's school, either:

• Communication

• Biotechnology

• Genetics: The Code Broken?

• The Human Story • Biochemistry

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