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Our Approach

There is no conveyor belt learning at DNA Education. Each student is assessed and tutored specific to the individual. We are passionate and dedicated to supporting students of all academic levels. 


We believe education is maximised through small group environments where students interact, are challenged and supported by their tutors. We pride ourselves in providing a positive learning environment to encourage student engagement and enjoyment.


At DNA Education we make this possible through classes of 2-3 students on average, capped at 4 students. In general our classes run for 1 hour per subject per week, with HSC subjects from 1-2 hours.

Tutoring is provided for all subjects and years from Kindergarten through to the HSC year to ensure continuity and support to our students throughout their schooling years. 

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Our Methods

Our Methods:

1. The student is assessed to determine their capability level.

2. Core concepts are explained and revised to ensure an in-depth understanding.

3. Assistance with previous homework issues.

4. Resources are provided to reinforce concepts.

5. Mock examinations and past-papers are provided to expose student to diverse questions.

6. Examination, time management and assessment strategies.

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Small Groups

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Results Tracking

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Resources & Past-Papers

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