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HSC Senior Science

Are you intrigued by all facets of science and would love to know about the human body, chemical reactions and physical notions? Senior Science covers all science subjects under one broad umbrella.  The subject is taught by the Principal tutor and experienced Structural Engineer, Danny. 

Complete syllabus notes, mock exams, practise questions as well as interactive activities will be provided to help you grasp the theoretical concepts from the course. This will help you develop investigative and problem-solving skills to effectively communicate scientific information and to understand and appreciate the contribution that a study of science makes to our understanding of the world.

Topics covered include:


• Water for Living

• Plants

• Humans at Work

• The Local Environment


• Lifestyle Chemistry

• Medical Technology – Bionics

• Information Systems

and Option topics:

• Polymers

• Preservatives and Additives

• Pharmaceuticals

• Disasters

• Space Science

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