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HSC Physics

Taught by a certified and experienced Structural Engineer, HSC Physics will be the most fascinating subject you will undertake. If you've ever wondered why aeroplanes fly or how gravity works, you don't have to be a Newton and wait for an apple to hit you on the head. We guarantee you will enjoy your class with us and walk away answering questions like Tesla himself.


We provide complete syllabus notes, mock exams, practise questions, practical and interactive activities that relate to theoretical concepts from the course. This enables students to apply investigative and problem-solving skills in order to appreciate the contribution that physics makes to our understanding of the world.

We focus on strategies to achieve the highest marks possible in answering questions with structured learning on importance of key words, structuring answers, graphical work, quantative and qualitative responses, practical considerations, mini-essay responses for the Social and Environmental context questions.

Topics covered include:

• The World Communicates

• Electrical Energy in the Home

• Moving About

• The Cosmic Engine


• Space

• Motors and Generators

• From Ideas to Implementation

and we also cover the option chosen by the student's school, either:

• Geophysics

• Medical Physics

• Astrophysics

• From Quanta to Quarks

• The Age of Silicon

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