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HSC Music 2

HSC Music 2 Provides students with the opportunity to build their musical knowledge and skills, and to emerge as musically sensitive and critical individuals with the capacity and desire for music to play a significant and continually developing role in their lives.


We provide complete syllabus notes, practical demonstrations, interactive activities and practise questions that relate to all concepts of the course. We tutor within the guidelines of the strict marking criteria and tailor our lessons for each specific student. The enables students to easily absorb and further investigate any aspect of the topic and allow effective and efficient learning.

Topics covered include:


• Mandatory Topic - Music 1600-1900

All Additional Topics

• Transition for HSC music 2/Extension


Mandatory Topic - Music of the last 25 years (Australian Focus)

All Additional Topics

How to Synthesize all 6 Concepts of Music

How to produce a band 6 long response

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HSC Music Extension

HSC Music Extension provides challenging and rigorous opportunities for musically and academically talented students to assist them in the realisation of their potential as performers, composers or musicologists.


Performance Major's only: We provide detailed and in-depth discussions about repertoire choices, and how to strategically place them within the playing order. Tips and tricks to further ones technical ability to enhance personal expression within a performance. Explaining the criteria and how to achieve what is needed for a Band 6 performance. Paths to refine knowledge and skills associated with performance, and additional ways to expand critical aural skills in all musical aspects.

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