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HSC Modern History

HSC Modern History is one of the most important and interesting subjects you could chose. History has been described as a contested dialogue between past and present, where the concerns of the present illuminate a consideration of the past, while the experiences of the past contribute to an understanding of the present.

We provide complete syllabus notes, case studies, mock exams, practise questions and essay guidance for the course. By the end of the year, you will be able to analyse the causes, progress and effects of historical transformations and to make judgements about them.

Topics covered include:


• Part I: Case Studies

• Part II: Historical Investigation

• Part III: Core Study: The World- Start of Twentieth Century


• Part I: Core Study: World War I 1914–1919

• Part II: ONE National Study

• Part III: ONE Personality in the Twentieth Century

• Part IV: ONE International Study in Peace and Conflict

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