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HSC Legal Studies

"There is a lot of loose talk in Australia about democracy, the rule of law and basic rights. Yet unless we educate future citizens concerning the broad outline of our laws, they may grow up feeling that law is alien to their experience. I want them to grow up insisting that the law must be just and modern and accepting the citizen’s responsibility to ensure that this is so."

                                                                                      Michael Kirby AC CMG Former Justice of the High Court of Australia

HSC Legal Studies provides students with insights into Australia's law structures and helps to develop knowledge of your basic rights and responsibilities. If you want to be the next Amal Clooney, then bring your best argument against our very own lawyer. Amanda will teach you the ropes of the legal system and before you know it, you'll be objecting to injustices with substantiation. 

We provide complete syllabus notes, case studies, practise questions and essay-writing assistance. This will enable you to become a critical learner and thinker. 

Topics covered include:



• Core Part I: The legal system

• Core Part II: The individual and the law

​• Core Part III: Law in practice


• Core Part I: Crime

• Core Part II: Human rights


we also cover the option topics including:

• Consumers

• Global environmental protection

• Family

• Indigenous peoples

• Shelter

• Workplace

• World Order 

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