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HSC Ancient History

From the pyramids of Egypt to the ruines of Ancient Rome, HSC Ancient History will take you on a tour of the ages touching on relics and foundations of time. 

We provide complete syllabus notes, mock exams, practise questions and essay guidance for the course. You will be able to question critically and interpret written and archaeological sources for the evidence they provide about the ancient world.

Topics covered include:


• Part I: Introduction

• Part II: Studies of Ancient Societies, Sites and Sources

• Part III: Historical Investigation


• Part I: Core: Cities of Vesuvius – Pompeii and Herculaneum

• Part II: ONE Ancient Society

• Part III: ONE Personality in Their Time

• Part IV: ONE Historical Period


we also cover the 2 options chosen by the student's school, either:

1 Egypt

2 Near East

3 Greece

4 Rome

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